Poetry Unleashed

The Way to Your Vision Part 1

Before we can obtain a vision we need to find our purpose. If we have not found our purpose then we have no direction. Show me a person that has not found his purpose and I will show a person that is in trouble.

How can we find our purpose? We can find our purpose by observing and developing our talents. When we expose ourselves by reading, visiting places and interacting with persons that are making a positive contribution to their communities it brings us closer to our purpose.

How will we know when we have found our purpose in life? God has placed in us tendencies and inclinations. We need to listen to that inner voice, it will direct us. Another indicator is that our purpose should also add value to others. There are, without a shadow of a doubt, other indicators that may be considered - this is just an attempt to provide a guide.

Now that we have found our purpose we need a vision to see our purpose fulfilled. A vision gives us the determination to accomplish our purpose. The person that has a vision will seize every opportunity to exercise his/her purpose.