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Inspirational Poems - General and Love. Volume 1
This anthology presents inspirational poems that depict general and love themes.The poems will appeal to M.Cs, persons who play at wedding receptions and generally, persons who have an appreciation for poetry. You will get ten amazing poems which include voice and original background music. Your product will be delivered by download.

  • Free
  • Three Feet
  • Confused
  • Purity
  • Lonely

  • Persistent Love
  • The Colour Red
  • Seasoned Love
  • Ninety-Eight Degrees
  • Loving You
Price: $9.99
Therapeutic Funeral Poems - Volume 1
This anthology provides poems that present the perspectives of loved ones. The aim is to provide comfort and cheer (therapy) during the grieving process. You will get ten effective poems which include voice and original background music. Your product will be delivered by download.

Price:  $9.99

  • Gone
  • It is True
  • Understanding
  • Laid to Rest
  • Just a Minute

  • Nothing Much to Say 
  • So Young
  • The End
  • On the Other Side
  • Hope