Poetry Unleashed
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To provide high quality poetry and motivational materials that are meaningful, creative and unique, to our clients, both local and international. This is achieved through a highly competent and motivated team with the use of relevant technology and current best practices. 


The founder Frantz-Earl Robinson has been an avid poem writer for approximately four years. This started out as a casual means of putting thoughts on paper. With the mind already going towards being an entrepreneur, writing poems seemed like an innovative idea. He also wanted to add value to people through inspirational poetry. A notable occasion is when the poem Three Feet was read on Love FM in 2007 by Olecia Wedaburn during a poem exposure program. This cemented his desire to venture in the field of poetry. Mr. Robinson’s poems have been read by a wide audience and gained favorable comments. In his spare time he likes to play the guitar, writing songs, writing stories, reading and exercising. He also plays drums. He lives on the beautiful island of Jamaica in Spanish Town.

Poetry Unleashed is a registered business in Jamaica, West Indies since the 17th of February 2011.